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Navigation, Hill walking & Mountaincraft Skills, Scrambling, & Rock Climbing.

  • I will run any course on any date for any one.
  • I will design a course just for you.
  • I can arrange courses throughout Wales.

Come whenever you like... for as long as you like!

Reserve your own instructor for a day (or longer) in order to learn new skills or gain confidence in specific techniques.

This is undoubtedly the most cost effective way in which to learn new skills, develop existing ones, and build confidence.  It allows me to concentrate on those areas which most need attention and to progress at a speed which is right for you. It allows you to learn what you most need to learn, and to join me on the dates which fit in best with your diary.

Your can book a day or longer online.  Alternatively, you may first like to contact me for an informal chat about how I can help you increase your skills and your confidence, and thus your enjoyment of the great outdoors.


All Courses

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Map interpretation


Micro Navigation & Poor Visibility Techniques


Contour Recognition


advancedtech_course_180x134px.jpg moutainmoorland_course_180x134px.jpg relocationskills_course_180x134px.jpg

Advanced Techniques


Mountain & Moorland


Relocation Skills



Hill Walking Basics


Steep Ground Skills


Hillwalkers' Confidence Course



Scrambling in Snowdonia