One Day Courses

Map Interpretation

MAP INTERPRETATION Much more than simple map reading,  map interpretation  allows you to get an amazingly detailed picture of the ground using... More 

Hill Walking Basics

HILL WALKING BASICS This is a great and very practical introduction to hill-walking! You will learn about clothing & footwear, essential gear,... More 

Micro Navigation & Poor Visibility Techniques

MICRO NAVIGATION & POOR VISIBILITY TECHNIQUES Mountain weather can change at an alarming speed, and once the mist is down, even the easiest ground... More 

Contour Recognition

CONTOUR RECOGNITION Having the ability to “see” the landscape by relating the contour patterns to the shape of the ground (and vice versa)... More 

Improvised Navigation Techniques

IMPROVISED NAVIGATION TECHNIQUES Although knowing what combination of techniques to use is largely experiential (and I cannot teach experience!), what I... More 

Steep Ground Skills

STEEP GROUND SKILLS If you visit the hills with any regularity, you will sooner or later find yourself on steep terrain. To the unitiated, this can be... More