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My well-known and popular navigation skills courses in the Brecon Beacons, Wales UK

1 and 2 day navigation training courses covering the whole range of land navigation skills.

  • Structured, enjoyable courses, open to everyone.
  • Never more than 4 clients per instructor - sometimes less!
  • Carefully designed to offer an enjoyable, progressive learning experience.
  • Suitable for all levels of ability… from total beginners to aspiring instructors.

PLEASE NOTE... My fees have remained unchanged for over five years, but I have decided the time has come to put them up. As from 1st January 2019, 1-day course fees will increase from £85 to £90 per person, and 2-day course fees from £160 to £170 per person. The cost of personal tuition will also increase.

Any bookings made before 1st January 2019 will be at the current rate... so if you're thinking about coming on a course in the new year, book now!

mapinterp_course_180x134px.jpg poorvis_course_180x134px.jpg Navigation Course, Contour Recognition, Brecon Beacons UK

Map Interpretation

The ability to interpret your map is unquestionably the most important of all navigation skills...

Map Interpretation Course >

Micro Navigation & Poor Visibility Techniques

Knowing how to cope with poor visibility is a vital part of navigating in the often misty British hills...

Micro Navigation & Poor Visibility Techniques Course >

Contour Recognition

For many people, the most difficult part of navigation is interpreting the contours... 

Contour Recognition Course >

Navigation Course, Advanced Techniques, Brecon Beacons UK Navigation Course, Moorland, Brecon Beacons UK Navigation Course, Relocation Skills, Brecon Beacons UK

Relocation Skills

Navigation is more art than science, and the real skill is knowing how and when to combine and adapt techniques...

Relocation Skills Course >

Mountain & Moorland Navigation - Stage 1

On this, by far my most popular course, I strip away the myths and complications, and show you simple yet effective techniques…

Mountain & Moorland Navigation Course - Stage 1 >

Mountain & Moorland Navigation - Stage 2

Effective navigation is not the art of never being lost! It’s about working out where you are when you think you are lost!...

Mountain & Moorland Navigation Course - Stage 2 >