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Relocation Skills (Getting Unlost!)


Okay... so you think you're lost! Although knowing how to remedy the situation is largely judgemental (and I cannot teach judgement!), what I can do is illustrate how various combinations of techniques work, and show you some classic adaptations.

Based on a particularly featureless tract of moorland, on this one-day course I concentrate on combining basic navigation skills in order to manage different scenarios. During the day I will try my utmost to get you lost!... and then show you a range of relocation and search techniques that allow you to work out your position.

The techniques introduced on this course assume a comfortable working knowledge of basic navigation techniques including map interpretation, compass work, and estimating time and distance, so I recommend you have at least a basic level of skill before attending.

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Map interpretation


Micro Navigation & Poor Visibility Techniques


Contour Recognition


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Relocation Skills

Mountain & Moorland Navigation - Stage 1

Mountain & Moorland Navigation - Stage 2