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Map interpretation


Much more than simple map reading, map interpretation allows you to get an amazingly detailed picture of the ground using simple yet effective techniques. Once learned, you will never look at a map in the same way again!

On this valley based one-day course, we spend the first couple of hours indoors exploring essential theory, then we put it all into practice during a physically simple but mentally challenging valley walk.

Suitable for all fans of the great outdoors, including those who are looking for a skills refresher or a confidence booster, this course is the perfect introduction to navigation.

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Map Interpretation, Brecon Beacons, Wales UK poorvis_course_180x134px.jpg countourrec_course_180x134px.jpg

Map interpretation


Micro Navigation & Poor Visibility Techniques


Contour Recognition


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Relocation Skills 

Mountain & Moorland Navigation - Stage 1

Mountain & Moorland Navigation - Stage 2