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Mountain & Moorland Navigation - Stage 1


Despite what you might think, navigation is simple! All it requires is an understanding of a few basic, straightforward skills which can be used anywhere and in any conditions. On this course, I will teach you those skills!

Combining my Map Interpretation & Micro Navigation/Poor Visibility Techniques courses, on this two-day course I use day one to introduce the art of map interpretation, which allows you to get an amazingly detailed picture of the ground. On day two, I teach you a range of compass skills, and show you how to estimate time and distance with great accuracy.

The continuity gained by attending for two consecutive days means that we often cover more ground than is possible on two separate one day sessions. This course is therefore a very cost-effective way of learning about navigation.

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Map interpretation


Micro Navigation & Poor Visibility Techniques


Contour Recognition


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Relocation Skills

Mountain & Moorland Navigation - Stage 1

Mountain & Moorland Navigation - Stage 2