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Mountain & Moorland Navigation - Stage 2


You do not need to know where you are all the time, especially if you can combine and adapt basic navigation skills. On this course I show you some classic combinations, and give you the confidence to roam across wild countryside. In effect, this course offers you the freedom of the hills.

Combining my Contour Recognition & Relocation Skills courses, on this two-day course I revisit the basic skills and illustrate simple yet effective ways in which to interpret contour patterns. I then get you locationally challenged on a stretch of featureless moorland, and introduce a range of options which allow you to work out your position with confidence. I guarantee you'll never be "lost" again!

This course is the natural follow-on from my Mountain & Moorland Navigation - Stage 1 course, and I recommend that you have a comfortable working knowledge of both map interpretation and basic poor visibility techniques before attending.

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Map interpretation


Micro Navigation & Poor Visibility Techniques


Contour Recognition


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Relocation Skills

Mountain & Moorland Navigation - Stage 1

Mountain & Moorland Navigation - Stage 2