Forgotten Wales

Kevin's popular Forgotten Wales series contains walks exploring the fascinating forgotten history and heritage of Wales.

Produced as a result of the interest generated by his book, Undiscovered Wales, all these downloadable walk descriptions are accompanied by easy-to-follow route instructions, anecdotes and information about the landscape through which you are walking, a sketch map, and several photographs.

Downloads are in .pdf format, and require Adobe Reader.

  Product Product code Price  
Macnamara's Road and the Cefn Ffordd
Tramroads & Green Lanes £1.50
The Hollow Mountain £1.50
In the Footsteps of Tommy Jones £1.50
Gunpowder, Silica & Limestone £1.50
Through the Iron Baron's Realm £1.50
Salt, Smugglers and Red Ladies £1.50
The Honeycombed Moelwyns £1.50
Marching With the Legionnaires. £1.50
A Legacy of Lead. £1.50
Lest We Forget (1) - Carmarthen Fan Aircraft Wrecks £1.50
The Copper Mountain £1.50