Walking the Western Wilds



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Examples of my most popular routes include...

Mynydd Myddfai – A panoramic slice through history, taking in a Roman road & fort, a majestic ridge, and a drowned valley.  20kms with 350m of ascent.  Long Stretch.

Fan Hir ridge – A wild wander across the wilderness of the Carmarthen Fan, ending with a breath-taking descent along a panoramic  ridge.  14kms with 650m of ascent.  Strenuous.

The Carmarthen Fans – A hauntingly beautiful, legend-shrouded walk to the top of the wild Carmarthen Fans. 12kms with 700m of ascent.  Strenuous.

Aircraft wrecks – A poignant visit to the wreckage of three aircraft amidst the wilderness of the Carmarthen Fans.  12kms with 600m of ascent.  Strenuous.


Stroll – A straightforward walk of less than 10kms, mostly on good paths.

Stretch – Mainly between 10kms and 15kms, these walks are slightly more demanding and may include short, steep climbs or sections of rough terrain.

Strenuous – Full-on hill-walking with long or steep climbs, sometimes on difficult terrain.

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